Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Last night, I got to interview Lorrie at Symphony Space, which was a total delight. Here's what we looked like. 

Someone in the audience asked Lorrie about the second person, and I said that I'd just written my first story using it--as a matter of fact, it's my Twitter Fiction story, which I'll start posting today! Half goes up from 11am-12pm EST today, and half goes up tomorrow night from 9pm-10pm EST. Riverhead designed me a cute little box that says so, as you can see below. 

As Lorrie said, the second person is addictive, and so who knows, maybe I'll write a hundred more. One at a time. 

Hope you tune in! And thank you thank you to Symphony Space for letting me sit next to Lorrie, forcing her to publicly acknowledge that I'm not her stalker. I mean, I'm not REALLY her stalker. Only a little bit. The nice kind.