Instagram Giveaway

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I bet you thought that the lovelies at Riverhead were done giving away packages of Vacationers-themed stuff! Not so! March brings a whole new bucket of goodies, this time on Instagram. A Vacationers beach towel, fancy sunscreen that I once bought for $35 at a hotel in Miami (your very own can, not my used one), some Essie nail polish, some Nars lipstick, a pouf, and yes, a book. 

To enter, tag a vacation photo with #thevacationers and @riverheadbooks. Fun! There is no reason not to try, unless you work at Penguin or are my mother, in which case, I'm sorry, you can't win. But if you're really nice I'll buy you a tube of lipstick anyway. Especially if you're my mother. 

If you want to see my goofy pics on Instagram, they are found @emmastraub.