Happy Pub Day to Me!

Today is the day! The Vacationers is on sale at bookstores near you, at bookstores far away from you, at bookstores everywhere! I am beyond excited. There's an excerpt up on Medium, with the most wonderful illustrations. Check it out here!

There have been tons of great reviews, and here are a smattering:

Janet Maslin called the book "one of the summer's most entertaining novels" in the New York Times! I was on Entertainment Weekly's Must List! People Magazine said so many nice things I can't pick a favorite line, and so here's a picture of the whole thing!


There have also been a few really good interviews! Here's one at Bustle! And another at the Hairpin!

The book tour starts up next week, and you can find all the details on the Events page. My launch party is at BookCourt (Brooklyn, NY) on June 3rd. Please come! I'd love to see you. Yes, you.