Paperback Tour + New Book + Lots of Glossy Mags

Well hello there! Spring has sprung, and with it, my paperback! The Vacationers will be out in pb on June 2, and in support of that, I'll be running hither and yon--check the events page for all the details--but I'm especially excited about the events where I get to chat with other people, including the deadly cool Kerry Diamond, editor of Cherry Bombe Magazine and YahooFood; cuddly novelist Dean Bakopolous; superstar Jane Green AND MORE. 

There are also several new pieces floating out in the world--I have an essay in the new issue of SELF about time management, an essay in the new Real Simple about my dad, and something forthcoming in Cosmopolitan that is supposed to be about love but is actually about hamburgers. 

Other than that, I'm just plugging away at my new novel, which will be out next year around this time. It's about two families in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and all the sexy stuff that happens between them. Other themes: fame! Ambition! Parenthood! Food! Early 90s rock and roll! I'm having fun. 

Hope to see you all soon!