Happy Happy Paperback News

This summer, I've had events hither and yon, from the suburbs of San Francisco to the suburbs of New York City and many places in between. Unlike some of my author friends, who would be just as happy to never leave their houses, I actually love doing events--perhaps it's because I wanted to be a child actress, a fate at which I failed miserably--but I love going around talking to people about books and snacks and getting to know booksellers and librarians. If you came to an event this summer, thank you! I love you! And if not, no worries! I love you anyway.

Also, and this is something I still can't quite believe, the book has been on the New York Times Bestseller List since it came out--and this week, it climbed (climbed! up!) all the way to #4. How on earth this happened is somewhat beyond me, but it makes me want to drop thank you notes out of a low-flying airplane. 

Right now, I'm celebrating by working on the edits for my new novel, out next summer, and planning a YA novel, and taking my baby to the park, and eating tacos, and reading the Elena Ferrante novels. Happy summer!