Modern Lovers!

Whew! It feels like just yesterday that The Vacationers was published, and yet, here we go again! My new novel, Modern Lovers, is coming out at the very end of May, and it has a beautiful face! (Here's an interview with me and Leah Goren, the super cool illustrator who did the jacket.) Lots of nice places (Entertainment Weekly, The Millions, Elle, Huffington Post, Flavorwire) have mentioned it already, which feels just grand, and it's nice to feel just grand, because I'm 9 months pregnant and have been sick as a dog for a month, and feeling good has been very tricky lately!

Here's what The Millions had to say about the book. I don't know if they knew that I am also THE STAR of a Noah Baumbach movie, but either way, I take it as a huge compliment. Also, as loyal readers know, I am an Official Stalker™ of both Meg Wolitzer and Jennifer Egan, so this person is clearly buttering me up something good. 

“What happens when you age out of your cool? It’s a topic that filmmaker Noah Baumbach has explored, and Straub is his literary counterpart. Her third novel follows three Brooklyn Gen X friends and former bandmates nearing 50 and handing off the baton of hipness to their children, stifled ambition and sexual frustration included. With the multigenerational structure, it would be easy to compare Straub to other masters of the genre like Meg Wolitzer or Jennifer Egan, but she’s already a master in her own right after The Vacationers, so Modern Lovers should prove to be a witty romp.”

The other very exciting thing that happened lately was that Lena Dunham's superlative LENNY newsletter published a creepy little story I wrote about babysitters! Hooray! (Note to all my babysitters: it's not about you, I swear.)

So the book will be out in May, and my new baby will be out in a couple of weeks. It's a whole new world!