A Midsummer's Book Tour Recap

July! It's July. Which means that I made it through June. It was an exciting and exhausting month--the baby started sleeping, the book hit the NYT bestseller list, I was on the Today Show, I went to London for 36 hours, yadda yadda yadda. BUT! There is still much of summer left, and I thought I should post my remaining  tour dates here, as well as a brief summer reading list!

Next week, I'll be in Nashville, where I'm going prettttttty much for the food and for the Patchett. Come to Parnassus on Tuesday night! Then on Saturday evening, I'm at Harbor Books in Sag Harbor, where I will try to get Colson Whitehead to serve waffle cones. (Sag Harbor joke!

The following week, I have three events, plus the inaugural meeting of my very own book club. On Monday, I'm reading with my friend Rumaan Alam in Brooklyn Bridge Park. On Tuesday, I'm helping Jane Green launch her new book at the B + N Upper East Side. On Thursday, I'm chatting with my friend Stuart Nadler about his new book, The Inseparables. The public is not invited to my book club since it's in my living room, but we're reading Pamela Erens' Eleven Hours, feel free to read along!


There are lots of books I'm really excited about this summer, and though I've gotten to shout from the rooftops about some of them (click on the link above for The Today Show), there are a few that I haven't, so here goes!
-Stuart Nadler's The Inseparables. This is Stuart's third book, and its his funniest. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a book about a teenage girl, or generations of women, or writers, I don't know. It's really wonderful, and reminds me of Meg Wolitzer, and you should read it. 
-Jennifer Close's The Hopefuls! Jennifer worked at Politics and Prose when I worked at BookCourt, and then we both published books, and so I think of us as literary doppelgängers. Her new book is supposed to be fab, and I can't wait to read. 
-My homegirls Jane Green and Elin Hilderbrand both have new books out--Jane's is Falling, and Elin's is Here's To Us. They are two women I admire immensely. Generous, smart, and mothereffing PROS. 

Happy reading!