All Adults Here

Coming May 5, 2020

A warm, funny, and keenly perceptive novel about the life cycle of one family--as the kids become parents, grandchildren become teenagers, and a matriarch confronts the legacy of her mistakes. From the New York Times bestselling author of Modern Lovers and The Vacationers.

When Astrid Strick witnesses a school bus accident in the center of town, it jostles loose a repressed memory from her young parenting days decades earlier. Suddenly, Astrid realizes she was not quite the parent she thought she'd been to her three, now-grown children. But to what consequence?

Astrid's youngest son is drifting and unfocused, making parenting mistakes of his own. Her daughter is pregnant yet struggling to give up her own adolescence. And her eldest seems to measure his adult life according to standards no one else shares. But who gets to decide, so many years later, which long-ago lapses were the ones that mattered? Who decides which apologies really count? It might be that only Astrid's thirteen-year-old granddaughter and her new friend really understand the courage it takes to tell the truth to the people you love the most.

In All Adults Here, Emma Straub's unique alchemy of wisdom, humor, and insight come together in a deeply satisfying story about adult siblings, aging parents, high school boyfriends, middle school mean girls, the lifelong effects of birth order, and all the other things that follow us into adulthood, whether we like them to or not.

A Midsummer's Book Tour Recap

July! It's July. Which means that I made it through June. It was an exciting and exhausting month--the baby started sleeping, the book hit the NYT bestseller list, I was on the Today Show, I went to London for 36 hours, yadda yadda yadda. BUT! There is still much of summer left, and I thought I should post my remaining  tour dates here, as well as a brief summer reading list!

Next week, I'll be in Nashville, where I'm going prettttttty much for the food and for the Patchett. Come to Parnassus on Tuesday night! Then on Saturday evening, I'm at Harbor Books in Sag Harbor, where I will try to get Colson Whitehead to serve waffle cones. (Sag Harbor joke!

The following week, I have three events, plus the inaugural meeting of my very own book club. On Monday, I'm reading with my friend Rumaan Alam in Brooklyn Bridge Park. On Tuesday, I'm helping Jane Green launch her new book at the B + N Upper East Side. On Thursday, I'm chatting with my friend Stuart Nadler about his new book, The Inseparables. The public is not invited to my book club since it's in my living room, but we're reading Pamela Erens' Eleven Hours, feel free to read along!


There are lots of books I'm really excited about this summer, and though I've gotten to shout from the rooftops about some of them (click on the link above for The Today Show), there are a few that I haven't, so here goes!
-Stuart Nadler's The Inseparables. This is Stuart's third book, and its his funniest. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a book about a teenage girl, or generations of women, or writers, I don't know. It's really wonderful, and reminds me of Meg Wolitzer, and you should read it. 
-Jennifer Close's The Hopefuls! Jennifer worked at Politics and Prose when I worked at BookCourt, and then we both published books, and so I think of us as literary doppelgängers. Her new book is supposed to be fab, and I can't wait to read. 
-My homegirls Jane Green and Elin Hilderbrand both have new books out--Jane's is Falling, and Elin's is Here's To Us. They are two women I admire immensely. Generous, smart, and mothereffing PROS. 

Happy reading! 



Book Tour Bonanza


Somehow it's already May 10, which means that my book will be out in 3 weeks! Eeeek! And so the book tour is nigh. There are lots of special guest stars, which means that truly every event will be different than the one before it. Do come out and see me! The full list of events is on my events page, but highlights include: my 4th straight BookCourt launch party! A screening of The Squid and the Whale at LA's historic Silent Movie Theatre! A fancy library in Toronto! Meg Wolitzer! Curtis Sittenfeld! Jane Green! The UK! It would be bonkers even for someone who was sleeping through the night! Ha! We'll see how I last! 

If you can  make it to an event, I would love to see you. If you come with chocolate, I'll love you forever. If you can't, the book is available for pre-order through my friends at WORD, the folks at Barnes and Noble, and on Amazon. 



Starred PW Review for Modern Lovers!

So thrilled to have received my very first starred PW review. And Modern Lovers is also the Pick of the Week! Hurrah! 

Here's a little bit of the review: 

“Straub spins her lighthearted but psychologically perceptive narrative with a sure touch as she captures the vibes of mid-life, middle-class angst and the raging hormones of youth.  She excels in establishing a sense of place: the narrative could serve as a map to gentrified Brooklyn; it’s that detailed and visually clear. Events move at a brisk pace, and surprises involving resurgent passion enliven he denouement.  Readers will devour this witty and warmly satisfying novel.” 



Modern Lovers!

Whew! It feels like just yesterday that The Vacationers was published, and yet, here we go again! My new novel, Modern Lovers, is coming out at the very end of May, and it has a beautiful face! (Here's an interview with me and Leah Goren, the super cool illustrator who did the jacket.) Lots of nice places (Entertainment Weekly, The Millions, Elle, Huffington Post, Flavorwire) have mentioned it already, which feels just grand, and it's nice to feel just grand, because I'm 9 months pregnant and have been sick as a dog for a month, and feeling good has been very tricky lately!

Here's what The Millions had to say about the book. I don't know if they knew that I am also THE STAR of a Noah Baumbach movie, but either way, I take it as a huge compliment. Also, as loyal readers know, I am an Official Stalker™ of both Meg Wolitzer and Jennifer Egan, so this person is clearly buttering me up something good. 

“What happens when you age out of your cool? It’s a topic that filmmaker Noah Baumbach has explored, and Straub is his literary counterpart. Her third novel follows three Brooklyn Gen X friends and former bandmates nearing 50 and handing off the baton of hipness to their children, stifled ambition and sexual frustration included. With the multigenerational structure, it would be easy to compare Straub to other masters of the genre like Meg Wolitzer or Jennifer Egan, but she’s already a master in her own right after The Vacationers, so Modern Lovers should prove to be a witty romp.”

The other very exciting thing that happened lately was that Lena Dunham's superlative LENNY newsletter published a creepy little story I wrote about babysitters! Hooray! (Note to all my babysitters: it's not about you, I swear.)

So the book will be out in May, and my new baby will be out in a couple of weeks. It's a whole new world! 




Happy Happy Paperback News

This summer, I've had events hither and yon, from the suburbs of San Francisco to the suburbs of New York City and many places in between. Unlike some of my author friends, who would be just as happy to never leave their houses, I actually love doing events--perhaps it's because I wanted to be a child actress, a fate at which I failed miserably--but I love going around talking to people about books and snacks and getting to know booksellers and librarians. If you came to an event this summer, thank you! I love you! And if not, no worries! I love you anyway.

Also, and this is something I still can't quite believe, the book has been on the New York Times Bestseller List since it came out--and this week, it climbed (climbed! up!) all the way to #4. How on earth this happened is somewhat beyond me, but it makes me want to drop thank you notes out of a low-flying airplane. 

Right now, I'm celebrating by working on the edits for my new novel, out next summer, and planning a YA novel, and taking my baby to the park, and eating tacos, and reading the Elena Ferrante novels. Happy summer!



Paperback Tour + New Book + Lots of Glossy Mags

Well hello there! Spring has sprung, and with it, my paperback! The Vacationers will be out in pb on June 2, and in support of that, I'll be running hither and yon--check the events page for all the details--but I'm especially excited about the events where I get to chat with other people, including the deadly cool Kerry Diamond, editor of Cherry Bombe Magazine and YahooFood; cuddly novelist Dean Bakopolous; superstar Jane Green AND MORE. 

There are also several new pieces floating out in the world--I have an essay in the new issue of SELF about time management, an essay in the new Real Simple about my dad, and something forthcoming in Cosmopolitan that is supposed to be about love but is actually about hamburgers. 

Other than that, I'm just plugging away at my new novel, which will be out next year around this time. It's about two families in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, and all the sexy stuff that happens between them. Other themes: fame! Ambition! Parenthood! Food! Early 90s rock and roll! I'm having fun. 

Hope to see you all soon!


In Which I Am the World's Best Meg Wolitzer Superfan

This week is a busy one! Tomorrow night is the Riverhead Books party, for which I am baking two batches of my famous brownies, and then on Friday afternoon, I'm appearing at the WME pop-up holiday bookstore. Then, on Saturday afternoon, I'll be at Powerhouse, reading a short piece about cookie dough for my genius baker friends Ovenly! There will be many, many delicious snacks. Meg Wolitzer will also be at two of these events. Is that a coincidence? Or am I the world's best (and least subtle) Meg Wolitzer stalker? I mean, superfan. Definitely just a superfan and not a stalker. Totally not at all a stalker. Come by and see us! Wheeee!


Find the Uni!

Yesterday, my dear friends over at the Uni brought their portable reading room over to my neighborhood. The baby and I strolled over in the late afternoon, and he pulled every book about trucks and frogs off the shelves. It really is like going to a library outside, in the middle of everything else going on in the city--passers-by get pulled in, and children especially are attracted to the Uni's cubes full of books. Below, I'm reading River a book about subways, which he is (very conveniently) obsessed with. 

It's the time of year when we all think about the causes and organizations we love, and I want make a brief plug for the Uni. They appear in neighborhoods all over NYC, in plazas and parks and farmer's markets and festivals and street corners. If you, like me, love the idea of walking to the subway stop and happening upon a fantastic library, then please, give them your money. I know I will. Here is their website again. 


Feeling the VIBS

This afternoon, I had the great, great pleasure of participating in a fundraiser for VIBS, a Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center on Long Island. The women I met today were hard-working, inspiring, and woefully underfunded. The lunch took place hours after this happened, (major major trigger warning for that link) which makes VIBS seem all the more vital. If you are interested in helping families through violence, VIBS offers counseling totally free of charge, but they need help keeping the hours their clients need. Please consider making a donation to this very, very worthy organization. 


Summertime Wrap Up + New Books Ahead!

It was quite a summer. All told, The Vacationers spent ten weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. Ten weeks! That is crazy and amazing and I peeked through my fingers at it the whole time, so sure that it would vanish if I looked too closely. I feel deeply aware that selling so many books is an act of magic, of timing and luck and the right jacket and the right pub date. If you bought my book, or know someone who did, or checked it out of your local library, thank you. It boggles my mind to know that my book has been in so many hands. Thank you.

And, if you read and liked the book, I have some good news. I've just sold my next two books to Riverhead, and am at work on the first of those novels now. It's about a neighborhood, and ambition, and marriage, and music. There's a teenaged boy. There's a teenaged girl. There's trouble in many forms. I'll tell you more when there's more to tell, but expect it tentatively to be coming out in June 2016. 

Ever forward! xoxoxoo