Feeling the VIBS

This afternoon, I had the great, great pleasure of participating in a fundraiser for VIBS, a Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center on Long Island. The women I met today were hard-working, inspiring, and woefully underfunded. The lunch took place hours after this happened, (major major trigger warning for that link) which makes VIBS seem all the more vital. If you are interested in helping families through violence, VIBS offers counseling totally free of charge, but they need help keeping the hours their clients need. Please consider making a donation to this very, very worthy organization. 


Summertime Wrap Up + New Books Ahead!

It was quite a summer. All told, The Vacationers spent ten weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. Ten weeks! That is crazy and amazing and I peeked through my fingers at it the whole time, so sure that it would vanish if I looked too closely. I feel deeply aware that selling so many books is an act of magic, of timing and luck and the right jacket and the right pub date. If you bought my book, or know someone who did, or checked it out of your local library, thank you. It boggles my mind to know that my book has been in so many hands. Thank you.

And, if you read and liked the book, I have some good news. I've just sold my next two books to Riverhead, and am at work on the first of those novels now. It's about a neighborhood, and ambition, and marriage, and music. There's a teenaged boy. There's a teenaged girl. There's trouble in many forms. I'll tell you more when there's more to tell, but expect it tentatively to be coming out in June 2016. 

Ever forward! xoxoxoo


Warning: May Not Actually Contain Pineapple

If you've been to one of my readings, or seen my picture in a magazine, I was probably wearing a Ban.do. I wore one to my wedding! I'm obsessed. And lucky for me, the affection is totally mutual. My homegirls are having a Vacationers giveaway! You win the book, sunglasses, plus a tote bag full of my FAVE Ban.dos! It's the fucking best. Enter to win! Note: they may not actually send you a pineapple. Fingers crossed. 

Mash Notes Are Fun

I'm delighted that Mashable has chosen The Vacationers as their book club pick. Visit Mashable for alllll the gory details, but here are the basics:

To get you started, we're giving away five copies of The Vacationers. All you need to do to enter is tell us your favorite vacation read of all time. You can tweet using the hashtag#MashReads or leave a comment on this post or our Facebook page. Tell us your favorite read before 12:00 a.m. ET on July 3, 2014. For official contest rules, visit this page.

How to Join the MashableReads Social Book Club

If you'd like to join the MashableReads book club and read The Vacationers with us, find us on Goodreads and Facebook. We'll also be hosting a Google+ hangout with Straub on Tuesday, August 5 at 4 p.m. ET. You can sign up to be reminded of the hangout here.

Are you in New York City? Join our Meetup group for the chance to meet MashableReads authors in person. Interested in starting your own Meetup in your community? Message us on Facebook. MashableReads book clubs get exclusive access to new authors.

Good News Travels Fast (Or, The Bestseller List)

Yesterday, I did some time traveling. Around 4 in the afternoon, I saw Janet Maslin's review of my book in the New York Times, a full day before it appeared in the actual paper. Then, just before 6, my agent called to tell me that the book had hit the New York Times Bestseller list, coming in at #18 in hardcover, #15 in e-book, and #19 combined. (The NYT must be as bad at math as I am, if #18 + #15 = #19.) All of this will be in next Sunday's paper. I truly won't believe it until I see it, but until then, I'm going to tell everyone, because then we can all live in this fantasy land together for a few days. Nobody pinch me. I love you. 


Happy Pub Day to Me!

Today is the day! The Vacationers is on sale at bookstores near you, at bookstores far away from you, at bookstores everywhere! I am beyond excited. There's an excerpt up on Medium, with the most wonderful illustrations. Check it out here!

There have been tons of great reviews, and here are a smattering:

Janet Maslin called the book "one of the summer's most entertaining novels" in the New York Times! I was on Entertainment Weekly's Must List! People Magazine said so many nice things I can't pick a favorite line, and so here's a picture of the whole thing!


There have also been a few really good interviews! Here's one at Bustle! And another at the Hairpin!

The book tour starts up next week, and you can find all the details on the Events page. My launch party is at BookCourt (Brooklyn, NY) on June 3rd. Please come! I'd love to see you. Yes, you. 






Lists! Lists! Lists!

The Vacationers comes out in 25 days, and it's starting to pop up on lots of summer reading lists. The Harper's Bazaar list has the fanciest graphics and the most glam company (see Dita Von Teese's Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, above), but I love all of these lists equally. 

Want the book as soon as it comes out? Pre-order! If you pre-order through my friends at WORD, I'll even sign it for you. 


Harpers Bazaar Hot List





Book Riot

Party with The Vacationers!

Woo hoo! The pub date is nearing, and with it, parties! I just set up the event page for my launch party at BookCourt, and if you live in NYC, please consider yourself very cordially invited! Also, just because, a giant box of Vacationers sunglasses (pictured below) arrived in the mail today. The first hundred or so people to buy the book at BookCourt will get a pair. Reason enough, no?


OMG All The Books Giveaway

I know a shocking number of writers with books coming out very soon, and many of them are joining me in this massive book giveaway. 

It's easy to enter, and you could win signed copies of ALL the books mentioned above. You might have to buy a new bookshelf! So, for my part of the giveaway, you're supposed to list some favorite vacation spots, and here are mine, in no particular order: Montauk, Palm Springs, the Oregon coast, Maine, a hammock, a swimming pool. That's really all I need. xoxoxo

Crack Open the Rioja! Another Starred Review


It's so nice when people are nice. Here's another lovely starred review, this time from the folks at Booklist. I raise a glass of Rioja to you, my friends!

[STARRED] The Vacationers.

Straub, Emma (Author)

May 2014. 304 p. Riverhead, hardcover, $26.95. (9781594631573).


Straub’s second novel (Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, 2012) is contained in the two-week vacation of the extended Post family: Franny and Jim, married over 30 years; their teen daughter, Sylvia; twentysomething son Bobby, his girlfriend, Carmen, in tow; and Franny’s best friend, Charles, and his husband, Lawrence. Trading one grand island for another, the mainly Manhattanites arrive in Mallorca with, of course, a few secrets tucked in their literal baggage—and so begin the games that occur above the plane of the Scrabble board. Jim has suddenly left his beloved magazine job, and not everyone knows the circumstances; Sylvia’s excitement to get to Brown might have more to do with leaving home; Carmen wishes Bobby would ask his parents for that favor already; and it’s more than work emails keeping Lawrence searching for a WiFi signal. Straub masters a constantly changing flow of perspectives as readers wonder who will forgive and be forgiven in this sun-soaked, remote paradise. Spongy and dear, sharply observed and funny, Straub’s domestic-drama-goes-abroad is a delightful study of the complexities of family and love, and the many distractions from both.

— Annie Bostrom