Everyone Loves Getting Presents

Riverhead sent me a giant box full of my paperback. As you can see below, it's too gorgeous not to share. So I'm sharing! Ten people who reply to this post will win a signed copy of Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures! Just reply and tell me who your favorite movie star is, and I'll pick ten winners at random. Reply via Twitter or FB comment, please.

Good luck! Summer reading for all!




BookTalk Nation

What are you doing tonight at 7pm EST? Do you secretly not like to leave the house? Me neither! I have the perfect event tonight. Lauren Groff and I will chat on the phone, and you can listen in from the comfort of your own couch/bed/bathtub/yacht. Call us! It's like a party line, I think. We'll talk about Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures and lots of other stuff, too.

(Round two of this chat, in which I grill Lauren about her excellent, excellent novel Arcadia, is on February 6th.)

Hope to chat with you later tonight!