Anthologies Galore!

This week marks the publication of three fabulous anthologies in which I have pieces, XO ORPHEUS, GOODBYE TO ALL THAT, and ROOKIE YEARBOOK TWO. Allow me to tell you about them won't you? XO ORPHEUS is an anthology of new myths edited by Kate Bernheimer, who also edited the incredible My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me. My father and I wrote a story together, and it's thrilling to be in the book alongside writers like Aimee Bender and Maile Meloy and Owen King and Kelly Braffet and lots and lots of others. This Wednesday, my dad and I will be reading together at WORD in celebration of the book. 7pm! Come!

GOODBYE TO ALL THAT is a collection of essays about leaving New York City. Writing this from my living room in--ahem--New York City, I have clearly failed to leave, but I did live in Wisconsin for a few years, and I wrote about that. The book has essays by Cheryl Strayed, Dani Shapiro, and so many other amazing women I can hardly believe it.

THE ROOKIE YEARBOOK TWO is exactly as perfect as it sounds--a compendium of some of the best pieces published on Rookie this year. I am super, super proud of my piece, which is about being failing over and over again, and also super, super proud of Rookie in general. It is by far the coolest thing I do, writing for them, and I love all the Rookies to pieces. Buy twenty of them, please, so that Rookie can go on forever and ever, amen.

Also, speaking as the mother of a five week old baby, all of these sound wonderful to me as a reader because the stories and essays are short enough to read by lamplight at 3am. Whew!