Yee Haw!


This spring is going to be an exciting one. My new novel, THE VACATIONERS, will be out in June, and there are sure to be lots and lots and lots of really fun events surrounding the book's publication. Before that happens, though, my husband, baby and I will be practicing our boot-scootin' boogies down in Nashville.

That's right! This spring, I'll be teaching a workshop at the venerable Vanderbilt University. My beloved friend and mentor Lorrie Moore starts teaching there in the spring after two and a half decades in Madison, Wisconsin, and I feel very lucky that she thought of me when this gig came up. Please tell me where the good brownies are. And the fried chicken. And the babysitters. We'll be in Nashville from the beginning of January to the end of April, and the whole thing sounds like a great adventure. If the baby could talk, he'd say, y'all, I can't wait. Connie Britton and Ann Patchett, look out! We're about to be best friends.

love and grits,


Springtime Funtime

While I'm mostly spending this spring trying to finish my new novel (due out from Riverhead in the summer of 2014), I've also got some very cool things on the docket. For example: -I'm teaching a fiction workshop at the Center for Fiction, Manhattan's only free-standing monument to the art of making things up. There's still time to sign up! Please join us if you're so inclined. Here's more info about the Center, and here's the link to sign up. 

-If you're like me, you spent approximately every day of your youth glued to the pages of the latest installment of the Babysitters Club. I am so excited to be on a panel with Ann M. Martin this April, at Smith College. Swoon.

-Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace! Another super cool one! I've heard such good things about it, and I'm excited to participate. Live in Boston, or traveling for the conference? Sign up here!

I've also got a gorgeous new jacket for the paperback of Laura Lamont, which I will share as soon as I can. Now, let's all go back to cleaning out our closets and baking carrot cake. (What else were you doing this weekend?)

love Emma